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During software development, FinSoft makes extensive use of advanced software analysis, design techniques and development tools while taking advantage of all innovative and breakthrough technologies.

The main strategic technological options adopted by FinSoft Software are as follows:

  • Development of Software application, according to the multi-tier model , that allow the distribution of the workload in information systems, the adoption of various client options (Windows, HTML Browser) and the on-line interconnection of application for the secure exchange of transactional data.
  • Use of modern software application analysis and design tools
  • Coverage of the entire life – cycle of software applications with emphasis given on automated software testing processes and beta-testing audits in co-operation with selected customers groups.
  • Continuous technological co – operation with renowned software houses, domestic and international, both in the development of tools and methodologies (programming languages, software analysis and design methodologies ) as well as in the use of external, linked applications (Business Intelligence, On-Line Analytical Processing, etc ).

To support its production processes, FinSoft Software uses a set of tools, systems and methodologies appropriately adapted to the requirements of the markets addressed by the products:

  • Requirements analysis and software design methodologies
  • Programming languages (C#.NET, VB.NET, Microsoft .net, Web Development, COBOL, RPG ILE, LANSA)
  • IT project management methodologies

The evolution of technology, along with the increasing market demand for IT support of more and more business processes, command increasing investments on research and development for new products and services.

That continuous enrichment of FinSoft Software products with state-of-the-art features drives the company to the development of pioneering methods that ensure no additional costs to the end customer.